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KAG EAST University boasts of an alumni that serves in a variety of professions all over the world. From the time of its inception as a Bible School, men and women have received quality learning that has shaped them for global impact. Churches, schools, NGOs, and civil services among others have enjoyed skills that were honed under a Pentecostal training center.

Some of the notable alumni are the current KAG General Superintendent, Bishop Philip Kitoto and his entire office and Bishop J. B. Masinde of DC Umoja. Moreover, there many bishops, pastors and vicars who passed through EAST, the precursor of KAG EAST University.

The Alumni advances the vision and mission of KAGEU by:

  1. Praying for the University
  2. Participating in KAGEU events
  3. Marketing the University by being brand ambassadors
  4. Providing mentorship for KAGEU students
  5. Mobilizing resources to support KAGEU’s projects
  6. Maintaining a database for all the alumni
  7. Establishing and managing Alumni Chapters

We are grateful to God and the staff who have the years have passionately labored to model us into God’s servants,

We are indeed transformed to transform.

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Dr. Rev. Harris Gichuhi

Alumni Patron