School of Bible & Theology

Dean,School of Bible and Theology


The purpose of the School of Bible and Theology of KAG EAST University is to prepare students for life and ministry in the dynamic global context within a special environment for education and spiritual development. The school emphasizes spiritual formation, character transformation, and skills development.


The School of Bible and Theology runs the following programs:

  • Certificate in Bible and Theology
  • Diploma in Bible and Theology
  • Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Theology
  • Under Bachelors, students can choose from the following Majors:
  • Biblical Studies
  • Intercultural Studies
  • Church Education Ministries

Additionally, the School of Bible and Theology offers a variety of Short Courses for spiritual, leadership, professional, and relational needs among others.

Contact the office for more details on available Short Courses


The School of Bible and Theology is headed by a Dean, Rev. Leo Kinuthia assisted by the following Heads of Departments:

  • Department of Biblical Studies – Rev. Hannington Mutuku
  • Department of Intercultural Studies – Rev. Joseph Mbuvi
  • Department Church Education Ministries – Rev. Chris Khatela
  • New Students

The School of Bible and Theology admits students in January, May, and September. For more information contact the Admissions Office.

Study Times

The School of Bible and Theology attracts students from different backgrounds. To meet their needs, students can choose to study as:

  • Full Time Day
  • Part Time Evening
  • Part Time Day

Welcome to the School of Bible and Theology, the regional hub for Pentecostal training that shapes servant leaders and equips them to transform nations by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Rev. Leo Kinuthia

Dean, School of Bible and Theology


The department of Biblical Studies offers biblical related courses including biblical languages such like Biblical Greek and Hebrew. Also, other contemporary need based courses are integrated in the curriculum for relevance in life and practice.The program offers BA in biblical studies, Diploma and Certificate.


The department does exist to serve the needs of the leaders in Christian education and formation for transforming the society and the world at large. “we begin from where others end in ensuring that the body of Christ is enriched and the ministry continue fulfilling its mandate of making disciples”.



The Department of Intercultural Studies provides opportunities for KAGEU students to learn about cross-cultural skills and relationships among different groups in the Kenya and abroad. Courses offered in this program include but not limited to Cross-cultural communication, Cross-cultural management and Culture Meets Scripture.