Message from the Dean Of Students

WelcomIMG 6307 mine all to KAG EAST University. As an institution that is chartered, the University is guided by very clear and focused vision and mission statements aimed at equipping students with the best skills and attitudes to help them fit in society and serve humankind in the best way possible.

As a student you are our most important clientele. The University is aware that you all come from diverse backgrounds and hence interpret and confront challenges of University life in different ways. To help you deal with these challenges, the University will strive to provide a suitable academic and social environment to assist you realize your full potential. It is for this reason the University has put in place support systems to make University life as comfortable as possible.

Whereas the university will endeavor to avail and improve support systems, we would like you on your part to understand that the world has been undergoing parading shifts. University education has expanded tremendously and competition in the job markets is intense. It is no longer enough to present a degree certificate and a resume to get employment. Employers want to know your background; you are at an advantage to have chosen KAG EAST University because it is a University whose ethos is based on Christian faith and practice. Your image will always precede you wherever you go and it is upon you to enhance this image.

We provide rules and regulations that will guide your conduct on and outside the campus. Compliance with these rules will make a big difference in your life while on campus and along academic and non – academic activities. Your respect for order and sustained pursuit of our core values will constitute your definite roadmap to success. Welcome to KAG EAST University and enjoy your student life.

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