Bishop, Dr. Peter G. W. Njiri has been the Chancellor of KAG East University since being chartered in 2016. Before then, he served as the Chairman of the Board of the University. He is also serves as the Chair of the Board of Trustees of the university and the General Superintendent of Kenya Assemblies of God.

Office of the Chancellor
Location: (google location) 

Admin Building, 2nd Floor, Main Campus, Kitengela
Phone: (+254) ------------
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Word from the Chancellor:
My faith is that, the knowledge you will gain from KAG East university will help you integrate courses and units you have learned. We believe in preparing the whole person (head, heart and hands) to serve God and others. Servant leadership is not about self. My desire is that those who enter our doors seeking education will be prepared the way Jesus prepared his disciples; with a heart that reaches out with love and actions that are filled with integrity. It is common knowledge that character should determine conduct; that beliefs should drive behavior. When our internal thoughts and motives are guided through the right kind of training, they will determine external behavior that is consistent with God’s requirement.